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Kelley Mullen

Kelley’s family has owned Indiana farmland for generations, beginning with Granville Moody’s homestead. Great-great – Grandpa Granville was the inspiration for Kelley to create Granville Farms; a unique place where families can be created and begin their own traditions.  Kelley is a certified wedding planner and a registered nurse. Kelley lives in Lake Helen with her husband, Kenny and 2 daughters.

Mary Ann Paul

Creating businesses that serve our community is Mary Ann’s passion. Having studied business and having received a graduate degree at UCF, she opened her first business in 1986.  Mary Ann is a 3rd generation business owner in Deland. She lives in Deland with her husband, Butch. They have two sons and an awesome daughter-in-law.


Mr. Granville Moody was born in Dayton, Ohio on July 2, 1854, the son of  Reverend and Mrs. Granville Moody.  His father, a methodist preacher, settled in Barkley Township in 1873. Mr. Moody grew up on a farm and for over fifty years he fed cattle. He became a large landowner. His experience in farming made him a well informed consultant for the bank which he served for a time as Vice President and for thirty-two years as a director.